Is it bad to turn on an electronic device after it's been submerged in water?

Answer It can cause further damage, but maybe it didn't. You want to make sure it's dried out before turning it back on again :) Oh yeh I just read the stupidly bit. Still sounds like it's working? Lucky ... Read More »

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Any ideas how to dry out a Mobile phone that has been fully submerged in water?

Don't ask the manufacturer as they have included a small paper dot inside that changes colour and will know immediately it was wet. This voids insurance claims as well.You have a few different opt... Read More »

How to Turn the Lights Off in a Jeep After the Doors Have Been Removed?

A Jeep uses courtesy lights that are activated by a relay system. When the doors are closed, the electrical circuit is broken by the door pushing against a pin on the door frame, and the lights go ... Read More »

Can a car engine be damaged by an exhaust pipe submerged in water?

Your car engine will not be damaged by submersion of the exhaust pipe in water--water can't get into the engine that way. When the car is started or running, too much air is forced out of the pipe ... Read More »

How to keep the leaves of the plant from being submerged in water?

Dig some soil out of your yard and get t out of the water.