Is it bad to turn a girl down because she's fat?

Answer Depends...are you fat? The only way you can use the: "No fat chicks" if you are skinny!How fat? Is she fat enough that when she walks across the living room, even the radio skips?You ... Read More »

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Can A Bar Turn You Down Because You Have An ID Card Instead Of A Drivers License?

The can turn you down even if you did have a license. They are not obligated to serve you. You can go somewhere else.

Can you adopt your 12 year old friend as a sister because her family is treating her bad and shes afraid of them and you can take care of her?

Can a girl get pregnant when shes sitting on a boy nude?

If his penis was not inside you or near your vagina, no. He would have to orgasm to get you pregnant, if he were near your vagina. If he was inside you, you can possibly become pregnant without him... Read More »

How late can a girl be before you should worry if shes pregneant?

If you're more than a few days late, you should probably get a home pregnancy test... for your own peace of mind at the least.