Is it bad to switch cigarette brands so frequently?

Answer They are all bad. Some more than others. Look at it this way... The cheaper the cigarettes the worse they are for you.

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What are the top 25 cigarette brands?

Theres definetely not 25 good cigarette brands!but heres sixSIX, Winston: Again, in high school, there was this growing trend among my friends, that Winston cigarettes were cool. You had to smoke W... Read More »

Your favorite cigarette brands?

My favorite brand of cigarettes is Davidoff. I choose Davidoff Shape White for its mild taste. I am lady and I love delicate smoke ;) Davidoff Shape Black is much stonger. Sometimes I like to smoke... Read More »

Cheapest cigarette brands in NYC?

How to Switch Motor Oil Brands?

You can switch motor oil brands whenever you want -- but you must do a complete oil change, including the filter. Each brand has its own advertising ploy, but for the most part, the base oil is the... Read More »