Is it bad to start your meals with sweets?

Answer My parents always told me that it's bad to eat sweets and sugar first when you haven't eaten for a while because instead of using the healthy sugars from food like fruits and such, it will use the ... Read More »

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Do you like red or white wine with your meals.?

I like red wine with food, and white wine to get drunk. Sometimes, white wine is more suitable though, like when your eating white fish or pasta with a creamy sauce, the acidic crispness of a good ... Read More »

With your kids back in school, how do you ensure they are eating nutritious meals?

I was wondering the same thing. I can't pack my lunch for personal reasons, but I do buy lunch. Seriously, all we had one day was a bread stick and a milk box. Maybe we should call First Lady Miche... Read More »

How to Start Adding Wheat Germ to Family Meals?

Boost the flavor and nutrition of your family meals by adding wheat germ. Wheat germ contains a large portion of the protein, vitamins, and minerals of the natural whole wheat berry. Grocery stores... Read More »

What was your favourite sweets from your childhood and why ?

Treats! they are now called peanut M&M'sAlso - tootie frootiesthe reason is simple i had a very sweet tooth and these were the sweetest to me;)