Is it bad to smoke pot while your pregnate?

Answer Um....yeah. Not a good idea. Research on WebMD or something, or Yahoo it. Drugs and alcohol are not good for pregnant women, you should see some of the disorders that some kids are born with, it's ... Read More »

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Am I pregnate or not? can only pregnated when a boi kissis a gurl and she hugs him back.

Is it possible to get pregnate if the guy didnt nut in you?

Why are all my friends pregnate?

1st of all, there is no definative correlation between education and spelling. I've got a masters degree also, and I'm almost certain that without the assistance of the yahoo spell checker the qua... Read More »

How many babies can you get PREGNATE with at once?

LMAOOOOOOO I love this question!LOLOLOLOLOL I'm cracking up.I needed this, I'm so busy at work today and I just took a 5 minute YA break and this is the first question I see!I miss you guys today,... Read More »