Is it bad to sleep with your bra on why?

Answer Its not at all. Its just based on comfort.

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You live with your aunt and you have to share a room with your girl c and whenever she is in your room she is naked or in underwear she has sex while you try to sleep your aunt dosent belive you what?

Try to ignore it. Her behavior is her mother's and her business, not yours. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you, but continuing to complain will only make it worse. You have do... Read More »

If you sleep with your head under your pillow, will the Tooth Fairy come at night and take all your teeth?

Is it dangerous to sleep with your mobile phone near your pillow?

Why does your head hurt if you sleep with your feet more elevated?

I sleep like that to defy gravity, i'm not gonna have a saggy butt, or boobies............x