Is it bad to shower twice daily?

Answer I dont see any harm in it, as long as you dont actually WASH twice a day.Washing twice a day, every day will most likely dry out your skin depending on your soap. And it's AWFUL on your hair if you... Read More »

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Is taking a shower twice daily too much?

Women actually should wash twice daily. It's a good idea your dad is just a guy and they don't understand.

Will daily makeup ruin my face even if i cleanse it twice a day?

The type of makeup can really play a part.It's good you're using mineral foundation instead of liquid, because liquid could clog your pores or make you break out even if you are washing your face.T... Read More »

The dentist told me I have 5 cavities, but I brush twice a day and floss daily. Can this happen?

It could be possible but if you are sure about yourself, check with another dentist as not all are ethical.

Do you shower more than twice a day If so, WHY?

No. Unless I were to take on a really dirty job, that much showering seems unnecessary.If you're worried about wasting water, lower-volume showerheads are a nice alternative. I have one, and I bare... Read More »