Is it bad to run on your tip-toes...?

Answer actually you can fall and then you can get hurt

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How to Wiggle Your Small Toe Separately from the Rest of Your Toes?

Touted by many as 'the holy grail of muscle control', this trick has only been mastered by few.

Is pulling your toes apart good for your body and watching them bleed for hours?

ummm....NO! you could kill yourself! if you can't stop pulling them apart, go see a doctor-FAST!

Is extreme bloating and cramping in your lower abdomen and lower back through your hips and to the tips of your toes a sign of pregnancy if it feels like PMS only worse?

Answer Those were my exact symptoms (except the toe pain :)) i knew i was pregnant before i even took a test. you and only you know ur body and know when there is something different going on! as l... Read More »

How to Polish Your Toes?

Polishing your toenails can get messy since the polish can smudge onto your other toes, and sometimes even neat results don't last long. Prepare your toenails for the nail polish by completely remo... Read More »