Is it bad to read stuff about school shootings on wikipedia?

Answer no it educates you about the past

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How does Wikipedia get all there information about people and stuff?

A lot of it is plagiarized from good sources (like books and newspapers), but also a lot of it is just plain made up. But, to make things difficult for you, the truths, lies and misunderstandings a... Read More »

Can u get in legal trouble for posting false stuff about people on wikipedia?

You can get into serious trouble, ( libel/slander ), for posting anything false about anyone on Wikipedia or anywhere else. The person can file a lawsuit against you. Your cost will depend on how g... Read More »

Would you say that Wikipedia is a good place to learn about stuff?

Wikipedia, in my opinion is a pretty good reference, but don't use it for a research report or anything similar. the information can be written or edited by anyone, whether you are truly an expert... Read More »

Security in Schools Against School Shootings?

The issue of school shootings and their prevention is a high priority for administrators, parents, students, and teachers. Academic performance and innovative curriculum, as important as they are, ... Read More »