Is it bad to read stuff about school shootings on wikipedia?

Answer no it educates you about the past

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Security in Schools Against School Shootings?

The issue of school shootings and their prevention is a high priority for administrators, parents, students, and teachers. Academic performance and innovative curriculum, as important as they are, ... Read More »

Who writes stuff on Wikipedia?

There is no one "author" on Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia allows anyone to edit information on the pages. Because of this, it is impossible to find an author.

Other than Wikipedia anyone know of another place to research stuff?

Did you try Google Scholar? It is credible and legit, not like Wikipedia which is a bunch of unconfirmed information.

Can i copy stuff from wikipedia and put it in my web site?

For the record: with a couple notable exceptions, Wikipedia content *is* copyrighted. It's just released under a much less restrictive license than most copyrighted stuff. (The exceptions are quo... Read More »