Is it bad to pop your back everyday?

Answer Popping your neck and back will have no effect on your general health. When your muscles are tight and your spine is stiff, popping your back may provide relief by temporarily relaxing muscles and ... Read More »

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Will my acne come back if I wash my face everyday?

First of all, you're going to have to understand you're only 14. I'm going on 19 and still have acne issues. It'll come and go, but you're not done growing out of it just yet.As far as washing your... Read More »

I have to shave my legs everyday and it grows back so quick...does anyone else have this issue & what do u do?

Just keep shaving. If you use lotion every day, it will soften the hair follicles, which will make it less noticeable when the hair starts growing back. Or, you can wax them, which pulls the hair o... Read More »

I turn my computer on everyday and everyday i have to sign onto every acct?

if you had ccleaner they have an option to keep cookies that means when you sign in to facebook or yahoo or any other they will keep them and you wont have to sign in all the time so if you get it... Read More »

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