Is it bad to leave the fridge door open?

Answer no. it is okay to leave it open, but only for a short period of time, because if you leave it open for too long then the cold air will come out of the fridge.

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What do you feel on your feet when you open the fridge door?

Cold air. Cold air is heavier than warm air so when you open the fridge door the cold air 'drops' out of the fridge onto the floor.

Do you need to leave the oven door open when broiling?

On One Hand: Open Door BroilingMany cooks open the oven door slightly when broiling to allow steam and smoke to escape. There is a greater build-up of smoke during broiling because the food is so c... Read More »

What will happen if you leave a refrigerator door open in a room?

The room will warm up.The fridge with the door left open will run pretty much continuously to try to cool the inside. Our fridge doesn't know the door is open, so it keeps running. The thermostat i... Read More »

I have to leave the garage door open all the time and flies get in...?

Try fly strips and hang them near were the fly convention is Until you figure out an alternative option for the dog like a doggy door or something that's covered You are not going to get rid of the... Read More »