How to Hold in a Fart?

Answer Ever had that urge to just let it all out but can't? Keep on reading!

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Is it dangerous if i hold in fart?

Yes it is VERY dangerous. The human body is durable, but not durable enough to house flatulence for longer than 30-45 minutes. A fart is mostly methane gas and sometimes fecal matter depending on... Read More »

If you hold in a fart,will it come out as a snelly burp?

No, but farts are vengeful, and they will get you back for keeping them locked up.

Why do people like to smell their own fart but get grossed out when smelling other people fart?

First off, who wipes their boogers on the covers>? That's really kinda gross. Anywho, it's true that most people don't mind the smell of their own farts or poos. But I'm not completely sure as t... Read More »

How many photos dose a 128 MB memory card hold on a 10.1 mega pixels camara hold?

Physical damage Electrical damage (including removal from camera (reader) while reading, shutting down host hardware while reading, static electric discharge)Magnetic damageInsertion in a reader co... Read More »