Is it bad to have sex 6 days after giving birth?

Answer Although there is no evidence that says sex soon after giving birth is bad, it generally takes the uterus about 6 weeks to return to its normal state so some officials say you should not have sex d... Read More »

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Can you have oral sex after giving birth?

Actually, you need to have oral sex after giving birth. Your kitty will be out of commission for six weeks of so. If your husband is anything like mine he won't be able to last that long. From my e... Read More »

How soon do you have a period after giving birth?

Answer It can take quite a while. It is longer if your nursing. I have 4 children and nursed the last 3. With the first, I had a period two months later. With the 2nd and 3rd, it was 6 months, and ... Read More »

Why do you have longer period after giving birth?

Well because a period is the shedding of the built up lining of the uterus. During pregnancy the lining of the uterus increases substantially to accommadate for the growing baby, the uterus grows a... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after giving birth to have sex?

Everyone’s experiences make them an expert in their own right - so what is right for one couple may not be appropriate for another. Most couples wait for the magical 6 week mark and are dreadful... Read More »