Is it bad to have kids at a young age?

Answer No, its not bad but you should have kids when you are out of school and you should have them before your 35 because it lowers your risk at not getting breat cancer. yes it is bad to have kids at a ... Read More »

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Is 18 years old too young to have kids?

yes it is way to young because first you should get a job to support any kidsNo.

How young can kids ski?

Most kids start developing the motor skills, balance and coordination necessary to learn to downhill ski around age 3. Every child is different, and there is no single best age to learn. Ski resort... Read More »

Young Kids' Hairstyles?

Choosing a hairstyle for a young child can be easy because the child does not generally care how their hair is cut. To make the hair easy to care for and style, a kid's haircut should be simple and... Read More »

Earth Day Projects for Young Kids?

Since the first Earth Day was announced in 1970, every April 22 has been set aside to celebrate our planet. Earth Day is a great time to teach kids about the environment and for giving gentle lesso... Read More »