How to Say No to Your Friend with Benefits?

Answer Some girls want to be with someone intimately, but the only guys that seem interested are friends who constantly try to sleep with you. If you think it will satisfy you and make him like you more, ... Read More »

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How to Have a Good Relationship With a Friend?

You may have classmates or coworkers that think you do not fit in. Be friendly to them. If you want friend, you must show yourself friendly to everyone.

How to Have a Sword Fight With a Friend?

Fancy putting on a sword fight at a party? Or just in front of family? Or even just for fun?? This article will tell you how to do it.Bear in mind though, everyone has their own style of fighting. ... Read More »

Is it wierd to have a profile pic with me and my friend?

No, there is nothing wrong about a picture with two guys. The only time I'd be iffy about it is if it's a mirror picture with both of you flashing your stomachs. This is very popular among teenage ... Read More »

How to Have Fun at Sleepover with Just One Friend?

Is your friend coming over to spend the night? It may seem boring with only one person, but it can be also really awesome! Here are some ideas of what to do!