Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen?

Answer Answer You're not a bad girl, but you are far too young to be having a baby. Baby's take up a lot of time and constant worry. To have a baby now would ruin your life and there is so much to see a... Read More »

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Is it bad to have a baby at the age of thirteen or is it ok?

Answergood, but if you and your partner are able to support it, or a willing family member i guess its alright. but usually not accepted in communities.. Answer IT IS OK but if you really wnat to ... Read More »

How do you you teach a thirteen month old baby to listen to no?

A 13 month old child is driven by impulse. Repeatedly saying "no" is only going to leave you frustrated and angry because the child will continually do what he/she wants to do. What you need to do... Read More »

What law states that a thirteen year old can give consent for her baby?

Ear infections are very common in babies.3out of 4 children get at least one ear infection by age 2.You should have your child looked at by a doctor and they might perscribe something for him/her.

Is thirteen too young to have sex?

Yes. In most states it is a crime to engage in sexual activity with a partner at an age under 16 and one or both can end up with criminal charges. This is because it is beleived that someone that y... Read More »