Is it bad to get drunk one time at age 13 please help!!?

Answer What is it you intend to learn? Examine your reasons for wishing to get drunk. It sounds as if it a personal urge, not social pressure, but only you can answer the question.It is Not an unusual or ... Read More »

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I want to get drunk please help !!?

Assuming you're legal age here.1 - Vodka is easy, mix it with a fruity soft drink and you'll barely notice the alcohol.2 - Not much for your height, weight and i'm assuming low tolerance. Take it s... Read More »

I'm drunk .. And very sick please help 10 points !?

The most you can do now is drink a glass of water and sit in front of the toilet for a few minutes and wait for the rest. If you think you're done being sick, try to get some sleep. Sleep on your s... Read More »

Should I get drunk for the first time Help.?

hell naw u shouldn't drink if u aint that type of person! jus bcuz ur boyfriend wants u to do something dont mean u gotta do it! if u aint comfortable doin that kinda shyt then dont even if u are 1... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! Got drunk, passed out, 5 days later brain feels "fuzzy"?

Maybe brain damage, maybe just an aftershock from alcohol. That was not smart to drink that much. Try brain training exercises like lumosity and definitely see a doctor if this problem persists.