Is it bad to eat too much fruit?

Answer Fruit is high in sugar... You're not even getting all of your nutrians dude. Why don't you just eat normal but healthy?

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Too much fruit?

Answer You can never eat too much fruit unless you cant eat them. so eat them every day!

Is 12 portions of fruit too much?

Yes it is too much, it can affect your digestive system.Hman

Will eating too much fruit be bad for me?

Even though fruit is good for you, they still contain sugar, nd high does of even natural sugar ant good, plus it's high fibre content may turn into a laxative effect on youIf you are going to eat ... Read More »

Is too much 100 percent fruit juice bad?

Too much of anything is bad. The human body is designed for a variety of foods and food groups. 100 percent fruit juice is much better than soft drinks or drinks made with less than 100 percent jui... Read More »