How much weight can you lose eating salads?

Answer The amount of weight you can lose eating salads depends upon many factors but in general, eating salads is a great way to lose weight.Understanding CaloriesThe amount of calories the average person... Read More »

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Can you lose weight just by diet only?

Exercise is needed to tone so the skin isn't flabby, exercises also help you lose faster

If you only eat one meal a day will you lose weight?

Here are a variety of opinions and experiences (in no particular order) 1. This is coming from someone who has battled will lose weight but it will be your muscle. When someone rest... Read More »

Lose weight by only eating on weekends...?

youll lose like 5-8 pounds a week thats a good plan. you should at least eat a LITTLE on the other days thou, or else your body goes into a hyperbolic starvation mode and you dont lose as much weig... Read More »

If i eat only fruit and vegetables will i lose weight?

Yes it will help but it is bad for you. You should exercise. Start by doing alot of cardio which is for example running and doing alot of movement. You should eat normal don't go past your limit ea... Read More »