Is it bad to drive without a gas cap?

Answer According to AOL Autos, driving your car without its gas cap will not cause long-term damage to your engine. However, it's best to replace the cap as soon as possible. Driving without a gas cap cou... Read More »

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How to Install New Internal Hard Drive Without Removing Old Internal Crashed Hard Drive in a Desktop?

This guide will explain how to install a new internal hard drive without removing the old internal (bad) hard drive. This will work in most desktops.

Can you drive a car without car insurance?

Answer You can drive a car without insurance, but if you get in an accident, the consquences can be serious. Anyway, if you had insurance at one time and you let your policy expire the insurance co... Read More »

Can you drive a car without driver?

Yes. It may invalidate your insurance if you do not

Can you drive a car without a battery?

The foremost purpose of a car battery is to give the vehicle adequate power for the engine to crank. Without a battery, a car will not start, therefore, you cannot drive a car without a functioning... Read More »