Is it bad to drink alot of water?

Answer That seem like a good amount, but don't overdo it. You could get water intoxication…

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If i drink alot of water will my skin get clearer?

yes. your weight devided by 2example:u weigh 200. 200/2=100. u drink 100oz.

Is it bad to drink alot of tea?

It's not bad for your health, but you're probably already addicted to caffeine, which can lead to caffeine headaches and general irritability if you don't have any. And, as another poster stated, ... Read More »

Is my Hot water heater on its last leg , it pops and burps and farts alot when it kicks on to heat the water .?

sounds to me that there is air in your lines.

What can i eat or drink that will make me vomit a alot?

syrup of Ipacac (sp?). You can buy at any pharmacy. Or I can send you a pic of my saggy boobs-that will instantly cause repulsion and horror.