Is it bad to drink Monster/Energy drinks every day for just 1 week?

Answer It's bad to drink them period.

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Do energy drinks like Red Bull still work if you drink them every day?

Yes and no. As far as the physical effects of Taurine I have no knowledge, but Taurine is only really of impact in the brain. Caffiene however, the chief stimulant in Red Bull (aside from sugars) d... Read More »

I never drink energy drinks but I just drank one and now..?

Wait it out. I never drink them either when I do I feel the same.

Is it just you but does the Florida Gators basketball team play on ESPN almost every week?

I just received a 7 week GSD. It doesnt know how to drink water. What should I do?

Take it back to its mother and littermates. Too young to leave them.