Is it bad to crack you're neck?

Answer yes. you're playing with and irritating your spinal cord.

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How to Crack Your Neck?

Sometimes your neck can get stiff. You could try cracking your neck to relieve the tension, but be aware that some doctors believe that neck cracking carries serious risks[1].Cracking the neck is a... Read More »

Is it bad to crack your neck or any other part of your body?

yes. you're playing with and irritating your nervous system lifeline, the spinal cord, as well as the circulation to your head via the vertebral arteries.

Why can I crack my neck over and over when I roll it?

What causes the chest bone to crack (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?

my chest bone cracks sometimes too. it happens when i stay in the same position for a while and then when i move my arms (especially inwards) it cracks and is slightly painful. i have started going... Read More »