Is it bad to crack your knuckles?

Answer Issues such as this, you need to address this with a doctor just to give you a professional medical advise and that it will be addressed properly. Just hope it won't come to this http://fritzbailey... Read More »

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What causes the chest bone to crack (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?

my chest bone cracks sometimes too. it happens when i stay in the same position for a while and then when i move my arms (especially inwards) it cracks and is slightly painful. i have started going... Read More »

How to Crack Your Knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles can feel very good if your hands are tired. It's not a good habit, but for some people, it's part of their daily habit. Also, it's good if you want to freak people out, then ... Read More »

Is it bad for your knuckles if you crack them alot?

dun think so... i do it all the time...but it is a bad habit... ^-^;;

Is it bad to crack your knuckles Best answer 10pts!!!!!!!?

Over the years it's bad, especially if you crack them on a daily bases. Cracking your knuckles releases nitrogen pockets between your bones (making the noise). After years of doing this you may d... Read More »