Is it bad to charge this with a 5v output?

Answer You should be good using a 5 volt charger.

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I Have 12 Volts output source with 1000mAh. Can i charge 5.1 volts device with 500mAh and charge 9Volts Devi?

You would use a resistor or voltage regulator in series with each device. Note the difference between mA and mAh.

Can i run 3 monitors with my ATI 6700 HD series it has a HDMI output and a dvi and vga output all in one card?

When this algorithm is executed with input = 5, what would be the output please help!?

I wrote the following code to answer the question: n = 3, the answer is 3When n = 4, the answer is 5When n = 5, the answer is 8When n = 6, the answer is 13I think yo... Read More »

Will I be able to charge my UK mobile/cell phone in the US with a USB to socket plug like this one?

Looks ok to me. Input is 110 to 220 volts, US is 110 volts. The plug looks like a standard US plug. Output is standard USB. You won't need a power converter, that is built in.