Can you bite your own toe nails?

Answer I used to be able to when I was in my 20s.Now I'm too old and stiff.

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Why does a dog bite his nails?

There are a number of causes for a dog's nail-biting behavior---some indicative of a problem and some benign. Knowing why your dog bites its nails can help determine whether this behavior needs to ... Read More »

Why does a dog bite its nails?

While dogs are not complex creatures, they perform certain behaviors that leave their owners wondering why. Nail biting is such an example, and determining the cause of your dog's nail biting is th... Read More »

Is it unhealthy to bite your nails && eat them?

yes bacteria is under your nails. If you swallow it you risk the chance of getting sick i bite my nails but do not swallowi undertand that its hard to quit biting. i do it out of anxietyi highly en... Read More »

Do zombies bite their nails!?

It's possible but I don't think they have nails anymore, they may have fallen off when they made the transition from human to zombie