Is it bad to be like 13 and still a virgin?

Answer Sweetie,You say "virgin" like it's a bad thing. You are only given your virginity ONCE-- once, in your whole life. Imagine how special something would have to be to only have it ONCE. You get a cak... Read More »

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If a virgin has IVF treatment and gets pregnant is she still a virgin?

If you have sex with someone over like instant messgaing or chat rooms are you still considered a virgin?

I think you have asked a really good question. Don't feel bad about asking it. Cyber sex can be a very intimate and intense sexual encounter. It can be a healthy safe outlet for your sexual feel... Read More »

Am I still a virgin or not?

Your virginity isn't really judged by whether or not you have a hymen. Many girls break their hymens with tampons.You DID lose your virginity. He penetrated you.

Am I still a virgin?

you can't eat your cake and have it too , you can't have it inside you and be a virgin , even half way in is penetration and when penetrated you are violated and when violated you are no more a vir... Read More »