Is it bad to be blowing bloody snot out of your nose, like every night?

Answer yes i would say there is something wrong. my nose bleeds every morning and i wake up stuffy. i believe it is because i broke my nose several years ago and it never healed properly.oh yah i liked yo... Read More »

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How do you pop you ears besides plugging your nose and blowing?

I have found that plugging your nose and blowing is not a good idea when have congestion at all. So like other people said bite on something chew gum, yawn and take ibuprofen. Good Luck!

Why do your eyes bleed when you get a bloody nose?

Eyes bleed when you claw at them at night, while spirits plague your soul.

Is having bloody mucus from your nose a sign of pregnancy?

Answer No, it's a sign of dehydration. You need to drink more water.Or a sign that you have been picking your nose. Answer Yes, you are dehydrated and many people can get this way during heat wa... Read More »

How to Remove Dried Snot in the Nose?

Excessive mucus on the nose is usually caused by infection or an invading pathogen, for mucus is usually created in response to invading germs. Some medications are also noted to create excessive ... Read More »