Is it bad that my son swallowed a crayon If so, what should I do?

Answer Call Crayola and get advice: 800.272.9652. The consumer center is open weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time.This is from their website:Question: Are Crayola products nontoxic even if... Read More »

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I swallowed a bone, what should i do?

Eat a wad of fibrous vegetable like spinach. Or bread. Anything to push the bone down into the stomach. There your digestive juices will dissolve it.Some people recommend drinking vinegar, which he... Read More »

I just swallowed my chewing gum...what should i do?

I swallowed my engagement ring. Im in pain what should I do?

I swallowed a piece of plastic today, what should i do?

if the stomach acid, hydrochloric acid, doesnt dissolve the plastic it will still there for a couple days then the body will just dispose of it through the digestive tract.