Is it bad that i only got 4 happy birthdays on my facebook?

Answer first of all, relax it doesnt mean that u have no friends. second, trust me if u dont have your setting to remind everyone, no one will post on ur wall, its not bc they didnt remember or even that ... Read More »

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What are the pros and cos for the new HTC HD2 Also is it true that you can only see one pic on Facebook I know 2 ppl that stated this as a con?

How to Sync Facebook Events and Birthdays to Outlook?

Facebook has become one of the most-used websites for keeping track of birthdays and planning events, thanks to its massive popularity as a social network. With so many people using Facebook to kee... Read More »

Am I the only one that finds facebook complicated & demanding?

Ha ha found ya!Maybe not complicated, perhaps frantic is a better way to describe it! Everyone else seems enchanted by it. Demanding - hell yes! You gotta wonder when some of then sleep!New look... Read More »

Resterants that embarass people on their birthdays!!?