Is it bad that I still use a camera?

Answer Hi Tamera!!I don't use Camera's really. I find bathroom/mirror reflection pictures kinda cheesy and i never take those types.I personally think that a camera is a better way to take pictures than a... Read More »

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Looking for a spy camera for still photographs that will work with android?

There are many spy cameras can take still photos, such as the mini usb motion activated spy camera, spy watch camera, spy glasses camera etc... But I don't know whether they can work with android o... Read More »

If i buy a old polaroid camera and but new film will the pictures still have that vintage look?

Will an old-style flash still work on a Nikon digital camera hot shoe that has I-TTL?

Generally yes, but there are exceptions. It depends on the specific flash.

I have a camera olympus camera and i put new batteries in it and the camera still doesnt comes on. Why?

if you put new batteries in it and it still doesnt work it might have a manufactures defect...i would call the 800 number and see what type of warranty the product has...hope this helps