Is it bad that I have a love for animals, but I eat meat =/?

Answer i totally adore animals and have only been a veggie for a year so far! now thers noway i could eat meat!but youve got to remember that regardless of what you do, animals are always going to be kill... Read More »

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Is it possible to love animals, but eat meat?

It is possible, I did it for years, loving animals and campaigning for animal rights while feeling guilty for still eating them. Till I decided not to go on being a hypocrite and turned vegetarian... Read More »

My vegitarian friend said that if you are a vegetarian that you can save 9 animals a year by not eating meat?

You cannot "save" the animals, anymore than you will save trees by recycling paper. Trees used for paper are not from the rain forest and are not threatened species, they are raised like corn and ... Read More »

At what age should a child be told that animals are killed for meat?

I think this is your personal choice as parents to decide what your child eats and also what makes you both feel comfortable as parents and feels right for you both and fits in with your own morals... Read More »

I LOVE leather goods. But I love animals more so I dont buy leather, Do they REALLY skin animals alive?

I'm sure they're skinned when they're dead. But I'd rather not support the industry in the first place.As one of my facebook buddies posted "Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the wo... Read More »