Is it bad that I don't pay that much attention to my vaginal discharge?

Answer (sung to the tune of Sunshine on My Shoulders - John Denver)Discharge...from my hoohaMakes my happy..Discharge...from my hoohaMakes me cryIf I had a day..I could give to you...All my hooha goo..Dis... Read More »

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Is vaginal candida white discharge with no scent a sign that you are pregnant?

Answer The vagina loses discharge naturally as its a natural vaginal lubrication. Excessive vaginal discharge can be a sign of pregnancy or ovulation.

Could you please list some of the symptoms of pregnancy that dont get a lot of attention?

Answer Well it's a little difficult because most symptoms are listed somewhere or other!! My experiences having had 5 children ranged from the usual morning sickness to restless leg syndrome, whic... Read More »

OMG PLEASE HELP! (WAY MUCH TMI)) Ladies only White clumpy itchy vaginal discharge?

Hey, nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Good for you. But, I understand why you're freaking out. This discharge may or may not have anything to do with the other girl. First, you may ... Read More »

I have discharge that happens all day but it comes out white is that normal?

all normal and you cannot control it- it's Hormone controlled…