Is it bad if ur hands are weak and like muscles are swollen in ur hands?


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Need help building muscles please OR where can I get my hands on some HGH?

I might be able to score you some stuff from my ex-Mexican sister-in-law who is still my bestie. She used to smuggle them in from Tijuana for my shithead brother-in-law (husband's youngest brother)... Read More »

Why are child's hands swollen?

Could be many reasons..from a mosquito bite to a provide details

How to Massage Handicapped Hands and Feet to Loosen Contracted Muscles?

Massaging Handicapped persons hands and arms or legs that are contracted.

My hands are swollen and ache, my palms are really sore, is this something bad, should I worry?

Sounds like a terrible case of the Swine Flu. I'd not only worry, but all out panic! Start living in a bubble immediately!