Is it bad for your knuckles if you crack them alot?

Answer dun think so... i do it all the time...but it is a bad habit... ^-^;;

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What causes the chest bone to crack (like when you crack your knuckles/back)?

my chest bone cracks sometimes too. it happens when i stay in the same position for a while and then when i move my arms (especially inwards) it cracks and is slightly painful. i have started going... Read More »

What does it mean when you crack your knuckles?

On One Hand: Knuckle-Crackers Feel ReliefPhysically, the popping sound that brings relief to the "Knuckle Popper" is not caused by scraping cartilage or bone, as myth claims. Instead, if the joint ... Read More »

How to Crack Your Knuckles?

Cracking your knuckles can feel very good if your hands are tired. It's not a good habit, but for some people, it's part of their daily habit. Also, it's good if you want to freak people out, then ... Read More »

Is it bad to crack your knuckles?

Issues such as this, you need to address this with a doctor just to give you a professional medical advise and that it will be addressed properly. Just hope it won't come to this http://fritzbailey... Read More »