Is it bad for me to take gravol a couple nights a week to help me sleep ?

Answer Try Melatonin instead.

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Is brown discharge a sign of pregnancy Due on in one week off the pill and last couple of days had sleepless nights?

Answer No, brown discharge could one be a sign of a bacteria infection or two a brown discharge is a part o your hormones balancing out after getting off of your pill. There is 2 ways to know if y... Read More »

Are there any bad side effects from taking Benadryl as a sleep aid 6 or 7 nights a week?

benadryl's generic name is diphenhydramine hydrocloride.In theory, diphenhydramine is not an addictive substance. It functions by blocking the histamine at the HA- receptor sites. It is an antih... Read More »

Help! My new job entails a week of nights...?

I used to work nights and it did nothing to my apperance,,,have to sleep during the day thought,

Most nights i cannot sleep. I am soo tired! help!!?

From an ex-insomniac and current "deliberate sleep depriver":1) Do not TRY to sleep. Never do this. Only go to sleep when you are comfortable and ready to.2) Sleep on a regular schedule. Do not sle... Read More »