Is it bad for a baby to look in the mirror?

Answer Well, in the Italian culture it is bad for a baby to look in the mirror before 1 years old... But that is Italian-

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How to Make a Baby Mirror Toy?

Babies love mirrors because they can see themselves and watch the light reflect off the mirrors. A lot of commercial baby toys have mirrors, but these toys are often expensive. It is fairly easy to... Read More »

Why can't a newborn baby see his reflection in the mirror?

Newborn eyes don't focus yet and they don't see in color at first. It take a bit of time before both of these things develop in a baby.

What do you use to remove rear view mirror glue from the metal slide and the mirror base?

Answer Clean mirror base Place a piece of emery paper on a hard flat surface and rub the mirror base base across the surface

How do you reposition a wide angle car mirror that has permanent adhesive on the car side mirror?