Is it bad for a 15 yr old to sneak beer?

Answer It shouldn't do any harm to you to sneak a beer. You will definitely feel a little effect, based on your weight and the fact that you've never had it before, but you'll sober up quickly. But honest... Read More »

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What's the best way to sneak 2 six-packs of beer into a concert?

I put a flask of Brandy in my sock and tweak my soda... it works, and it's about the only way anymore... ...UnNless you'd like to fake a pregnancy... lol

If you have a beer fridge, how much beer do you need to have in it to be truly considered a beer fridge?

The fridge should be stocked with multiple varieties of beer to please the pallet of any individual that may happen upon such beer fridge.In the event that only one 12 case is present...the owner s... Read More »

I drink beer but want to lose there a way....with out not drinking beer..,.?

CUT-BACK a lot, 10 beers a night will keep that beer belly. eat more fruits/veggies/whole grains. and exercise with your girlfriend.

Beer suggestions Need some help from beer lovers?

If you love Coors Light then stick with the traditional American and Canadian brands (except Miller Light, of course). Drinking anything more expensive than that will most likely be a waste of mon... Read More »