Is it bad for a 15 yr old to sneak beer?

Answer It shouldn't do any harm to you to sneak a beer. You will definitely feel a little effect, based on your weight and the fact that you've never had it before, but you'll sober up quickly. But honest... Read More »

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What's the best way to sneak 2 six-packs of beer into a concert?

I put a flask of Brandy in my sock and tweak my soda... it works, and it's about the only way anymore... ...UnNless you'd like to fake a pregnancy... lol

What is the closest beer from… to a light beer like miller lite?

Not really but if Rolling Rock is on the list go for it.

Beer question: What would be a really good foreign beer to buy for the hubby as a gift?

I would say you can't go wrong with a good Belgium or German brew, almost any, and then maybe a British pub Ale like Boddingtons? irish Stout like Murphy's or Beamish or Guinness of course. mmmmmm ... Read More »

Will beer snobs of craft beer ever leave the good people alone on YA?

Look being wild in producing stupid fruit beer or coffee beer or some other stupid flavored beer that appeals to the immature mind and non existent control of brewing skills does not equate to a qu... Read More »