Is it bad a thing that my mom walked in on me when i was changing my pad?

Answer Move to a new city, start over, change your name, and eat a koekje.

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What is that fluffy thing that they use when their recording?

The "fluffy thing" is also called a "dead cat" or "fuzzy" or "softie"... or "windscreen". It creates a dead air space between the "outside" and the microphone element. It reduces - eliminates - the... Read More »

Excuse me.., but.!! what is the first thing that comes to your mind when ...when " aaaaa"?

Hi from France ♫Well, to me it's that I'm pleased with myself !..As my bed was broken lately, I fixed it and now it is ok !.. !o!.. It's true !Have a great day,Cat.

Why do so many Abuse websites and talk shows that deal with abuse suggest that the victim get counseling when it is plain that this will just be another thing for the abuser to use against her?

Answer If the victim hasn't left on her own, it's obvious that just telling her to leave won't make much sense. Most responsible advice tells the abuser and victim to go to counseling so that the ... Read More »

My friend was having sex with his daughter and his wife walked into the room and caught them and he told her that she was not meant to find out that this was going on for five years.?

Your friend has committed incest which is against the law. Of course he didn't want his wife to find out because he is not a man, but a predator and he knows what he is doing is not right. His wife... Read More »