Is it appropriate to deny and warn against ALL alternatives in this section?

Answer Well,you've recieved alot of different answers from different angles so i'll just addTo me,its not what some of the people are saying thats wrong but its the WAY they are saying it, like if i can j... Read More »

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Why is it that some here never contribute anything positive and only warn about any and all alternatives?

Tony, I have to agree with you on this. I don't understand why people think that only big pharmaceutical companies can find cures for things. We've had medicine around for centuries before those c... Read More »

Was it appropriate to warn students that they risked being charged w. child pornography possession if they....?

Wow. That sounds just absurd. I mean I do understand that the photo may have been viewed as "lewd and sexually suggestive" and this probably should be reprimanded, but not to such an extent. It sou... Read More »

I warn you this is a little disturbing.?

I used to fancy Mighty Mouse, which is far worse. But I remember the spaniel you mean and he was pretty fit!

How to File a Complaint Against a Section 8 Tenant in Minnesota?

Whether you live in Minnesota or any other U.S. state, you may need to file a complaint against your Section 8 tenant. For example, the tenant may have destroyed property and refuses to make repair... Read More »