Is it an old wives tale that airport x/ray equipment can fog camera film.?

Answer No, it's not. It CAN fog your film. See Kodak advice on link below.

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Old wives tale or truth?

wonder which boy told you that?a cunning plan for a wee grope me thinks??sorry.. its not true..but hey.. gave me a bit of a giggle thinking of the scenrio!!

What's the weirdest "wives tale" someone has told you while you were pregnant?

That I shouldn't bend over to pick anything up because I will squish the babys face! Hahahaha.

What's the best cure for a Headache... what is your old fashioned help, or favorite wives tale?

It depends on the type of headache. If it's sinus-related, I use peppermint oil (dabbed on the forehead, temples and at the base of the skull). If it's a tension headache, I use chamomile or lave... Read More »

Will cracking you knuckles give you arthritis in later life or is this just an old wives tale?

I think it is an old wives tale - but anyone that does it near me will find themselves coming out in bruises on other parts of their anatomy as I beat them senseless in an effort to make them stop!... Read More »