Is it alright to tan through your pregnancy?

Answer AnswerFrom talking with a couple of my friends that are pregnant their doctors don't recommend it. I was told when I was pregnant to try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Tanning beds are jus... Read More »

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If you took cycotex six months ago to abort a pregnancy and you are pregnant now will your baby be alright?

Yes, abortions have no lingering effects unless you had complications that hurt the uterus. It has the same complications of childbirth but the risk is smaller and people have more then one child, ... Read More »

If you took cycotex to abort a pregnancy six months ago and you are pregnant now will the baby be alright?

Is vaginal bleeding alright during the last few weeks of pregnancy if it is just a little and just enough to turn the toilet paper a light pink and it was after you had sex?

Answer That sounds as though your partner's semen is mixing with the mucus plug a little and is perfectly safe.If you have any concerns do see your maternity carer.

Should I be alright?

You should be ok...check to see how it feels tomorrow.