Is it agood time to buy in Spain?

Answer It is a good time to buy now as prices are depressingly low. Offers at well below valuation are being accepted. Remember the taxes in addition to purchase price

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Is Ge agood brand for digital cams?

GE has whole divisions devoted to imaging (medical imaging, copiers, etc.). GE also owns lots of other companies. Buying a camera from them should be alright, I would expect it to be a good quality.

What is agood mascara if you want really really thick eyelashes?

Maybelline! I have been dying to answer a question about mascara lol! Because maybelline mascaras are amazing!!!! Try falsies it's great for thick long lashes and goes on with practically no clumps... Read More »

I wanna paint my room all pink is that agood idea?

Why would it not be a good long as you like the color pink...which i love i want pink everything when i get my what makes you happy everyone on here is going to tel you ewww pi... Read More »

Travel insurance will not pay out your wife had a slip disc in her back 12 months ago for this time shes had no problem with it in Spain it came out she was in hospital for 4 day now the insurance wil?

You can purchase travel insurance with "cancel for any reason" provision. You are eligible if you insure full trip cost, purchase your policy within 14 days of initial trip payment and able to trav... Read More »