Is it against the law to wait for someone to get home?

Answer you are seriously NOT going to wait at that poor woman's house are you? that is harrasment and stalking you crazy nut-job! GET A LIFE, do something good with your time if you're so concerned. don't... Read More »

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How long do i have to wait to refinance my home?

On One Hand: When the Interest Rates DropAccording to Investopedia, the traditional rule of thumb states that you should refinance your home when the interest rate you can get on a refinance drops ... Read More »

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How much time after a foreclosure do you have to wait to purchase another home?

Buying a new home after suffering through the trouble of a foreclosure is not uncommon. In fact, the practice takes place often enough to warrant specific guidelines, especially ones on the amount ... Read More »

How long do you have to wait to rent out a home that you bought as a primary residence?

Generally a it any sooner than that and you are going to be investigated for possible loan fraud.Be sure that you also didn't "move back" into a home that you said you were going to rent ... Read More »