Is it advisable to do Yoga exercises while suffering from Sciatica or Lumbago ?

Answer Medical opinion is advised here. If Sciatica is due to a slipped disc, there is hardly a chance that one can do Yoga. Certain exercises can help find releif to the pain, but the person has to be we... Read More »

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What yoga breathing exercises can you do while driving?

I do some yoga breathing while driving if I am sat at traffic lights waiting for them to change but not generally while I am driving. I will say one thing that I am not sure if it has been mention... Read More »

How to Remove Wrinkles From the Face With Yoga Exercises?

Yoga is a holistic approach to well-being. It doesn't just improve the flexibility and health of your body, it can also help turn back time by increasing circulation and training your muscles to re... Read More »

Im 22yr female suffering from shaking of hands while writing the shaking does not occur while eating,working?

Tremors can happen at any age but tend to be more common in older people. Everyone has some tremor when they move their hands. Stress, fatigue, anger, fear, caffeine, and cigarettes may temporarily... Read More »

Are there any yoga moves that will help alleviate sciatica?

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