Is it addicting to smoke one bowl of pipe a week?

Answer First thing first, good pipe tobacco is not treated with chemicals that alter the tobacco like cigarettes are. Those chemicals make the tobacco much more addictive. Pipe smoking does not generall... Read More »

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How do you smoke pot out of a "bowl" (pipe)?

Alright. You take your weed. You break it up into little pieces. This is so the THC releases more. In other words, the better you break it up, the more stoned you will get. Be careful that the piec... Read More »

Can you smoke hookah tobacco on a glass pipe (glass bowl)?

not really a good idea. hookah tobacco should be used in a hookah because the hookah kind of vaporizes it with a coal separated by foil but clean the pipe with rubbing alcohol and some salt, rinse ... Read More »

How to Make a Pipe Bowl?

Smoking pipes have been around since long before the invention of the cigarette. Today, they remain popular with people who enjoy a touch of the old-fashioned or those who prefer to smoke their own... Read More »

How to Smoke a Water Pipe?

This article will give you the low down on how to maximize your tobacco intake by using a water pipe, also known as a bong. You'll be ripping the tube like a champ after you follow these easy steps.