Is it accurate if I weigh my dog on a human scale?

Answer A dog's weight is an indicator of his overall health and if he has health problems, he should be weighed regularly. You can weigh him at home by first weighing yourself. Then, you can hold your pet... Read More »

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Can you weigh an animal on a human scale?

You can weigh an animal on a human scale. Purina recommends an owner weigh herself alone, then weigh herself while holding her animal in her arms. Subtracting the owner's weight from the weight of ... Read More »

Can you weigh a bowling ball on a regular human scale?

There is a relatively easy way to find out the weight of a bowling ball using only a human scale. First stand on the scale holding the bowling ball. Then weigh just yourself. Last, subtract your we... Read More »

Which scale is more accurate: digital or dial?

On One Hand: Digital is User FriendlyA digital scale is easily readable and offers an exact readout in pounds or kilograms. Getting a reading on weight down to the ounce takes out any guesswork, wh... Read More »

What are the optimal settings for an accurate bathroom scale?

You need to make sure it is on a level surface and that it is registering "0" Zero before you step up on it....krGood Luck!