Is it acceptable to add a teacher on Facebook?

Answer I'd say go for it. You don't go to the school anymore, and you can't do anything "special" things like they would probably assume, which is why you could add them before, but yeah, I'd say go for i... Read More »

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Do you think its acceptable for a 3 year old to actually have his own facebook?

it violates the T+Cs of facebook. You should report the profile.

Is it weird to add your teacher on Facebook?

If you want to, go for it. It is your life after all.

Can a student add her teacher on facebook?

if the student accepts the add and the teacher accepts. good to go. both have to accept the add or initate and be accepted. depends who is adding and who is accepting, if both agree, not a prob.

Is it illegal for a student to add a teacher on Facebook and...?

Not illegal but I do find it a tad weird. (If it were me. It's almost like adding your own parents!)