Is it acceptable for grandsons to sleep with their grandfather?

Answer Answer depends on the age of the child but if they are just ssleeping together at night or for a nap i don't think there is anything wrong with that.

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How can you get your Grandsons out of Foster Care?

Answer If the case is still pending and the children are not postured for adoption, hire an attorney and request a placement hearing before the juvenile Judge. Be prepared for a home study, backg... Read More »

What is your grandsons relationship to your brother-in-law called?

Your grandson is your brother-in-law's great nephew, and your brother-in-law is your grandson's great uncle.

How do i get my grandsons fingerprints off my plasma screen monitor...?

turn off your computer spray a little windex and then wipe it gently with some paper towel or get a soft cloth and just gently rub it on the screen.

What relation are you to someone who's great great grandfather is a brother to your great great grandfather?

If your great great grandfather was the brother of someone else's great great grandfather then you and that other person are fourth (4th) cousins.