Is it a stupid idea?

Answer Keep one thing in mind before you make your decision:Once you put it up there, it's "there" forever - on the web that is. People will download it, distribute it etc. Forever and ever. Even if you d... Read More »

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Say you have a wad of cash, and a stupid tattoo idea.?

No they are not obligated by any means. One person stated that a good tattoo artist will not do a crappy tattoo because it comprises there rep...that is partly true. But we all have done what we th... Read More »

Is this a funny/stupid/bad idea QUICK I WANT TO DO IT NOW XD?

It's a brilliant idea cuz even if it's not that person, they might just think you changed it to that randomly.It's not childish, it's just funny :P Great idea, I'd do that if mine got hacked.

Do you think the idea of buying a polaroid camera is stupid?

polaroid is expensivedigital camera is better

Howcome my stupid computer won't recognize the stupid usb?

because both of them are stupid, isn't that obvious! O.o